For the past few years LinkedIn has continued to grow in popularity, and has seen a surge of sign-ups from college graduates, higher-income households, and the employed. It is the only social media platform where those age 30-64 are more likely to be found than 18-29 year olds.

And therefore, is becoming highly valuable to marketers. The adoption of publishing tools and content sharing has made it harder and harder for posts to receive the attention they deserve.

So how does your bank get noticed on LinkedIn?

Follow These 10 Tips

  1. Use clear and concise intros, and use the title and description of the post to do the convincing.
  2. Use links whenever possible. Posts that contain links receive 2x more engagement than those that don’t.
  3. Post questions that are directed to your target audience.
  4. Include an image. They generate a 98% higher comment rate.
  5. Share video content. According to LinkedIn themselves, videos usually result in a 75% higher share rate.
  6. Test to understand your audience. While your bank may be there from 9-5, consumers of your content might not. Use analytics to find out when, where, and what to post.
  7. React to timely events.
  8. Remember that social media is indeed, “social.” Engage, interact, and respond to your audience.
  9. Encourage employees to share branded content. It will help expand your viewership for free.
  10. Pump some money into your best content. If you had a piece of content that did really well organically, sponsor the update and watch it reach more potential customers.

So, there you have it – 10 tips for banks to get noticed on LinkedIn. They seem simple enough, right?

Consider them when sharing content on LinkedIn. The potential customers are there. It’s up to you to create content that gets noticed.

Who’s up for the challenge?