One of the biggest challenges was being able to have variety in the types of content produced. So what are more ways to ensure that content is interesting, vibrant, and avoids becoming repetitive?

Our solution are these 13 tactics that bank marketers might initially overlook.

Social Media and Blogs

Social media and blog posts put your content where your audience can be reached. Traditional marketing such as billboard signage is becoming obsolete, because they are easily ignored. Other forms of paid advertising are becoming less effective, because the audience you want to capture isn’t there. Magazine and newspaper subscription numbers are decreasing, and social media adopters are increasing.

Article Posting

Article posting helps you reach a larger target audience, and gives you credibility. By posting an article on someone elses publication, it allows you to reach more people than just your audience. It allows your bank to go in-depth with issues and concerns your customers face, and help them solve problems they face in everyday life. It allows you to clarify things that need more than 140 characters to be explained.

In-person events

In person events combined with social media efforts, bridge the gap between online and physical worlds. They help to solve the problem in regards to diminishing branch traffic, while creating an experience that is unique to your community bank.


These create a following with 100% organic reach. They require email subscription which can then be used for additional marketing campaigns. Unlike Facebook or other social media channels, that only reach a certain percentage of your audience, email newsletters reach everyone you send it to. By sending out an eNewsletter, you are providing something beneficial, to already engaged customers, which further strengthens the bond between bank and customer.

Case Studies

Case studies create an informative study that becomes increasingly useful to the audience that you want to reach. In doing so, it positions your bank or business as an expert. For example, the ICBA recently conducted a study on millennials, which was very informative and useful to their audience of bankers – who are concerned with being relevant to millennials.

White Papers

These are great in combining education and persuasion, in long-form content. They also help you to increase your email mailing list, as many of them require interested parties to provide contact information before downloading.


Webinars are online events hosted by an organization. They help to give an “event” like feel to something that happens online. Because it is online, it allows many people to attend without physically being there. Great way to introduce your events to consumers, as they’d be more likely to attend an event if they already went to one online they found useful.


Videos are beneficial because they are extremely engaging and are more likely to be shared than other types of content. YouTube has become the second largest search engine next to Google, which means, people now more than ever, are consuming video content.


These are independent smaller websites that can be accessed through a larger, parent site. They’re effective because they can create a more focused presentation of your product, service, or content. Instead of mixing it up with all the other services your bank might offer, this is a good way to single out a particular event or product you wish to showcase.

Research Reports

Once again these are additional types of long-form content. They allow you to do in-depth research into a particular topic, pulling insights, and positioning yourself as a thought leader.

Data driven content

While initially this may sound just like a white paper, or a research report, data driven content can come in many forms. It may be as small as a Tweet or an infographic, and as large as a research report. The goal is to provide data that is interesting to your audience.


The popularity of podcasts is on the rise. Thanks to the success of Serial The Podcast, they have been brought into the limelight as an effective marketing tool. The engaging content, combined with the ability for listeners to tune in whenever is convenient for them, has helped to fuel their success.

Mobile Content

The number of mobile users has officially surpassed the number of desktop users. This means that content created needs to be optimized for mobile. Otherwise, the majority of people viewing your content will be unable to see it.

These aren’t the only types of content you can create either! Therefore, there is no reason to be repetitive. What other types of content do you recommend?