As 2017 approaches, the major players in the space seem to be competing around a few common themes: artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and a focus on bringing high-end hardware in-house to showcase platform capabilities (the exception here is Apple, which has controlled its entire hardware line from the beginning).

I dive into predictions for platform owners Apple, Google, and Microsoft. In a new addition this year, I added Snap, Inc., which has proven to have larger ambitions beyond ephemeral image sharing.


Next year is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and I suspect Apple has big things in store. Rumors are already swirling on feature and function but it’s likely we’ll see an OLED display. This will improve battery life since they don’t require a backlight, as well as allow for greater contrast. In addition they will most likely change the naming scheme to celebrate the anniversary of the iPhone, perhaps calling it the iPhone 10. Finally, Apple may decide to make its iPhone and iPad displays “edge-to-edge” where the glass takes up the majority of the front of the device.

I cannot resist my temptation to bring up..