Everyone is aware of the power of the internet when it comes to reaching your desired audience. Despite this, many banks rely on outdated, boring and insignificant methods when they are marketing via their social media accounts.

Social media is something that changes on a daily basis, so in order to keep up you need to stay relevant and understand the capabilities of each platform.

The banks that are reacting in real time rather than rigidly sticking to an old strategy that was outlined nine months ago are the ones that are reaping the rewards from social media.

Here are 4 ways in which you can unconventionally use social media to achieve certain outcomes.

Go Deep to Create Meaningful Connections

One issue that some people have when it comes to social media is that it can be very superficial. People tend to showcase the best bits of their lives, giving off a false impression that everything is well and good all of the time. This is why so many people seek people and businesses that aren’t afraid to documents everything, from the good to the bad.

As a financial institution you don’t want to come across an impersonal or a drone-like machine. Get more personal with your customers by showcasing the deeper aspects of your organization, such as having employees and customers talk about their own stories through your social media platforms.

This could be in the form of an idea whereby you are asking someone about their spending habits, including quirky questions like; what would you buy first if you won the lottery? What has been your most extravagant purchase? Do you haggle and negotiate when you are shopping? And so on.

These pieces of content make your staff and customers more personal, as well as being an enjoyable form of content to watch or read.

Promote Products and Services in A Fun Way

The goal of having a social media presence for your business ultimately is to generate more sales consistently over time. While you want to provide a lot of value, the end goal should always to be to generate sales and obtain loyal customers.

However, by coldly pushing your products and services in the same drab way on a daily basis will simply make your audience glaze over when they see you’re content if it is like this.

Instead you should come up with unique ways in which to push your offerings. A great way to do so is by holding some form of contest and to enter the person needs to answers a few short questions in a questionnaire.

Depending on the answers that they give, you can send them an offer tailored to their needs. For example, someone may say that they are looking to buy a new car and need a short-medium term loan. A member of your team can then tailor their offering to this specific customer.

You can even try quirky alternatives to you product offering by having cartoon advertisements or by getting children to act seriously, all dressed up in suits and do the ad for you.

Giving People behind the Scenes Access

Whether you are a celebrity, a bank or a product manufacturer, people are always fascinated to see how things work and what the behind the scenes look like. This is why sports locker room footage and practice video is so popular with fans.

People like seeing what celebrities do on a daily basis rather just seeing them in their latest movie or television show. Even documenting the process is which toilet paper is made is fascinating as there is a lot of work that goes into it.

By giving customers a behind the scenes look at your office, your team building events, your cash vaults (obviously without revealing any sensitive information/footage) can be a great way to grab the attention of your audience.

Different platforms like Snapchat, Facebook Live, and Periscope etc. are perfect for this quick insight into day to day dealings in your financial institution.

Don’t Plaster the Same Content across Different Platforms

One thing that a lot of brands do is using the same advertisements and social media content on each of their social media platforms. This means that someone who follows you on six different platforms will be seeing the same thing over and over again.

While you may think that it is good so many eyes are regularly seeing this content, a lot of the time it leads to people unfollowing your social media as they think they know what to expect and don’t want to be constantly seeing the same thing over and over again.

As well as this, different platform are suited to different forms of content. For example, Instagram is perfect for visual snapshots of an interesting sight whereas Facebook is well suited for longer form content. All it takes is some small tweaks but this can make a big difference to your business over time.