Let’s say you’ve created one of the best company cultures in your space. How do you showcase your efforts to people outside your organization?

To answer that question, start within your business and use your most powerful resources: your employees. So how do you get staff to share your company’s culture online?

I asked that question to Bryce Maddock, the CEO and co-founder of TaskUs, a outsourcing company in the Philippines with more than 5,000 employees.

In this piece, he shares how his company uses social media to showcase its corporate, build employer awareness and attract talent.

1. Apply What You Can Learn From Other Industries

Many tech companies provide unique office spaces, on-site chefs and playful atmospheres. Google, for example, has its rock climbing walls and scooters. Facebook offers video game rooms.

So TaskUs followed suit and designed themed office spaces, from “steampunk” to sleek and modern. Employees have already started sharing pictures of the offices across social media platform.

“In a social media world, everyone wants an office worthy of Instagram,” says Maddock.

Non-employees can take 3D office tours on YouTube and the company’s website. More than 8,000 people have taken the virtual office tours so far.

By creating share-worthy office spaces and experiences, the company is getting free exposure online.

2. Engage All Types Of Employee


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