A new year presents the opportunity to start fresh, which means now is the perfect time to leave some commonly believed SEO myths behind. Whether your credit union is new to SEO or you’re a tried-and-true expert, here are five misconceptions about SEO that shouldn’t follow you into this new year.


  1. “SEO is only about the right keywords.”

Keywords are often synonymous with strong SEO, but as search engines continue to evolve, your SEO strategy should, too. While keywords are still a part of your website’s optimization, the main focus should be on the content, its relevance and how frequently you add or update your web properties, rather than the specific keywords. The more views, clicks, shares and reactions your content receives, the better it will perform.


  1. “The only goal is to achieve the #1 ranking on search engine results pages.”

SEO is meant to increase traffic, engagement and, eventually, conversions, but that cannot be achieved by only focusing on your website’s position on search engine results pages. It’s true that being on the first page can increase traffic to your page, but the goal should go beyond gaining the top spot. It’s the optimization of the content — the usefulness and its relevance — that leads to additional traffic, thus making your position more effective.


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