Thursday, September 29, 2016 /#CaseStudySummit / – Being an 88 year old startup bank as Tricia Hrotko calls it, is unbelievably difficult, yet unbelievably important as well. There are many compliance challenges banks must face today and equally as important there are top of mind/branding and technical challenges as well. Mobile is a channel that you must technically and socially become great at it – this was the big theme of this great story provided by Robb Gaynor – Chief Product Officer at Malauzai Software, and Tricia Hrotko – Chief Revenue Officer at CSBK. Another recurring theme of their #CaseStudySummit story was standing out.

Emphasized multiple times throughout the session was that becoming technically savvy for technologies sake is not key, yet for simplifying the customers digital/mobile experience is. Social media sharing should be integrated into everything, including marketing, mobile, branding and events. No one can get it all right at once, but purposeful focus towards it is the right action. Although a terrible tragedy hit Hoboken earlier in the day of Tricia’s session she discussed her branching strategy in the Hoboken market and shared how her bank’s integrated rebranding efforts were key in tying it all together. Tricia also discussed that the backbone of CSBK’s growth was great rates and products, yet strong growth happened when they focused on simplifying their mobile experience and building a noticeable brand.

My key take away: Branding and simplified mobile banking efforts are key to going from a boring institution to becoming hip in the eyes of their markets.

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