What are some marketing campaigns that stick out in your mind? Is it that time you got an announcement of 25% off your purchase, or was it one that involved something emotional? Chances are it’s the latter. Because of this, it’s vital that, as banks, you reach out to the humanity in people by creating humanistic campaigns that leave your viewers with no choice but to remember you.

Easier said than done, right? Yet even in a world of ever-changing technology, it’s not as hard as you might think. Here are a few tips that will help you in your journey to capturing humanity.


Surrender Yourself

Put your needs, motives, and ego aside and focus on the story. While it may be tempting to throw your products and services into the message, that should not be your main focus. Instead, you want to create an experience where the story stands alone as an influential piece.


Provide Structure

You can’t rely on others to convey the story you want if you don’t show them how. We’ve all been there when we try to interview or record people on video and they begin to ramble without powerfully answering the questions you want answered. However, don’t be afraid to speak up and lead them in the direction that digs in to get memorable content.


Entertain People

Don’t just show facts. Show emotion. The biggest competition for banks on social media isn’t other banks. In fact, you are competing with all other types of content. All social media users can upload something interesting and share it on their profiles. It is your job as a social media marketer to stand out—to make what you share entertaining so that people want to view and share it.


Understand Context

Look for a way to highlight your bank, but show how it truly affected someone’s life. The context of your content marketing pieces should not be self-promotion, but rather promotion of the lives and experiences of your consumers and intertwining your brand within the content’s message.

For example, TD’s Automated Thanking Machine gave away free things. But do you think its message would have been as strong if the audience wasn’t exposed to some context? If they gave a family tickets to Disney, would we have cared as much if we didn’t know the mother had never taken her kids on vacation? If TD sent a mother home to Trinidad, would we have cared as much if we didn’t know that her only daughter was going through cancer treatments and surgery there?

Chances are we wouldn’t. It was including the extra context showing how TD truly affected its customers’ lives that made our hearts grow fonder of the bank.


Work Well With Others

It takes team collaboration to have a truly successful campaign. You want to create a vision and have everyone on board with that vision. If not, it creates disconnect and lessens the impact of your piece. The more powerful your piece, the more likely it is to be remembered and shared. You want to do everything you can to drive home that message.

If you do all these things, the story shifts from focusing on your bank to focusing on the story. When the story is told correctly, it brings humanity to the forefront of your piece—allowing your audience to become emotionally attached to you.

While our lives may be constantly changing and technology advances at what seems like the speed of sound, one thing remains constant.


We all feel.

As the famous Peace Pilgrim (born Mildred Lisette Norman) said, “We are all cells in the same body of humanity.”

Being able to highlight the humanity in your piece will bring you emotionally closer to your audience—no matter how fast communications change.