Currently, social media within banking is broccoli. It’s pretty boring and tasteless, but we know it’s good for us and is necessary to grow, so we reluctantly force ourselves to eat it.

We’re told time and again how important social media is to our marketing strategy, and because of that, we’re slowly but surely getting our bank’s on board. But most of our presence on social media stems from feeling like we HAVE to be there, not because we WANT to be there.

Furthermore, most of the time we don’t create anything that people truly love. Don’t believe us? The statistics don’t lie. In a study by Carlisle & Gallagher, they found that 87% of consumers find banks social media, annoying, boring, or unhelpful.

Congratulations everyone. We’ve created broccoli – uninspired and boring content. But the truth is, our consumers want candy, and lots of it. So, we need to start making content for social media how we like our candy. But how do we do that?

Our Content Must Accomplish 3 Things

It Needs To Stick.

With each bite of a sticky candy, you’re mouth is attacked by more and more flavor. If we aren’t careful the candy can literally get stuck to our selves.

Content needs to stick to the audience. It does this by luring them in and then slapping the viewer with value. The points you make, the story you tell, the value you deliver needs to be remembered. By combining usefulness, relevancy, and engagement within every piece of content you produce, you’ll accomplish this.

It Needs To Be Addictive.

Ever told yourself, “I’m just going to have one piece of my kid’s Halloween candy?” We thought so. (If you’ve ever accomplished this goal, call us. Seriously, we’d like to hear from you.)

Content’s got to do the same thing. It needs to be so good that the audience is itching for more. The more they come back, the more invested in your bank they become. The deeper that connection becomes, the easier a sale will be.

It Needs To Bring People To Your Door.

On Halloween, word spreads about the houses that have the best candy. If you’re the house giving out king sized Twix bars, prepare for a mob of children. But if all you’re handing out is last years leftover Dots, get ready for a quiet evening.

Good content spreads just as quickly. Not only that, but consumers trust and value the opinions and recommendations of friends. So by delivering content that people share, you’ll in turn be attracting more potential clients (who may have skipped on past you,) to your bank’s doorstep.

With that we propose a fight, a fight against boring and uninspired content. Who’s with us? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!