A panel of Facebook employees will share tips and actionable insights at #BankSocial 2017 (http://www.banksocialmediaconference.com/), the premiere gathering for banks and credit unions looking to optimize their social media marketing strategies. Representatives from advertising, data partnerships and the finance vertical team will take center stage from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 5. This year’s #BankSocial Media Conference takes place in Miami from April 3 to 6; an agenda of speakers and events is available at http://www.banksocialmediaconference.com/agenda/, and new items are still being added.

Facebook has 1.86 billion active users monthly and over a billion people on the platform every day, making it the definitive starting point for any social media marketing effort. The employee panel will discuss some of the key metrics on Facebook users in the context of bank and credit union marketing. Because the financial services industry must think about regulatory compliance and consumer privacy when communicating with the public, the panel will also explore how Facebook works with partners to use offline financial data safely. Finally, banks and credit unions will learn about emerging trends in mobile marketing and how to make the most of Big Data in designing campaigns for their Facebook audiences.

“As the most popular social network in the world, Facebook is where many businesses connect with their customers, and banks and credit unions are no exception,” explains #BankSocial Founder John Siracusa. “The potential for meaningful engagement is incredible, but all that potential is wasted if one hasn’t learned and applied best practices. That thought spurred me to invite Facebook employees to come and share their wisdom with the #BankSocial community. Ultimately, this one-hour session will provide bank and credit union marketing professionals with a new perspective on how to identify and connect with their target market on the biggest social media platform of all.”

Registration is still open for #BankSocial 2017, and early bird pricing runs through the rest of February. In addition to the full slate of speakers and sessions, attendees will also have access to the #IdeaMarketplace and a series of networking events. In addition, this year will see the use of augmented reality throughout much of the conference.

About #BankSocial

Banking isn’t like every other industry–regulations have made social media a nerve racking territory. That’s why #BankSocial was created to inspire bank and credit union marketers and executives to be the best at exceeding customer’s expectations, while navigating through the red tape. Whether you’re a social media rock star or a beginner, you’ll gather a wealth of knowledge from industry leaders through content innovation, open discussions, networking, and so much more. Learn more at http://banksocialmediaconference.com.


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