Speaker Summary

CarrieAnne Cormier is a digital girl in a passbook savings world. In her role at Avidia Bank, a $1.2B Community Bank headquartered in Hudson, MA; CarrieAnne oversees operations and strategy for their 10-branch Retail network, but she is far from your typical banker! Although a rogue marketer at heart, this self-proclaimed “smartypants” has found herself in the Retail Banking space as a leader and a disrupter.

After joining Avidia Bank in 2005, CarrieAnne worked in various positions at the branch level before moving into Retail Administration. Her solid background in branch-based operations has made her a key player in the planning and implementation of new product and digital banking initiatives, most recently being the roll out of Cardless Cash for Avidia Mobile.

CarrieAnne is a featured thought leader in outlets such as MX Money Summit, Bank On Social Month and American Banker for her work in digital strategy, social media and innovation. Known to the social world as @BankSmartCarrie, she was a founding member of the #AvidiaSmarties, Avidia Bank’s official social media and brand ambassador team.

CarrieAnne is a graduate of Becker College where she received a B.S. in Business Administration. She is currently pursuing her MBA at Clark University, with a concentration in Marketing and Social Change.


Workshop: Creating A Culture Of Social Media & Innovation In Your Bank

12:00PM – 2:30PM ET

Over the course of 2016, social media has become part of the training offerings at Avidia Bank which included sales training, personal branding, sharing bank news, etc. So how has corporate culture, innovation and social media been intertwined? In a recent Global Workplace Gallup study, researchers found that 20% of employees who are engaged in their brand socially are more likely to stay at their workplace. Also, 20% are more likely to feel inspired and 15% feel more connected to coworkers beyond their core teams. What is even better is to hear that 27 % are more likely to feel optimistic about their company’s future.

Hear from industry experts, CarrieAnne Cormier and Katelin Cwieka on how they shook up #AvidiaLife, creating a culture of social media and innovation. Sure, these girls make it look easy but it was not all rainbows and unicorns. They’ll share an insider view of what it really takes to spark a change from the bottom up.

Instructors: Katelin Cwieka, CarrieAnne Cormier, Mike Allard