Eric Acton
Digital Transformation & Innovation

Speaker’s Session(s):

October 21, 2016

Case Study Panel: Strategic Executive

2:30 PM-3:30 PM EST

  • Growth is an outcome of strategy, planning and execution.  The keystone to it all is leadership and the determination to see things through all the challenges and hardships that even the banking industry must face. Sometimes, the best results come from having a clear concise vision for what the future can bring and executing short term tactics and strategies to see it through.  This panel is full of banking executives from all sizes and geographies and will be sure to fill you with enough ways to think and do in order to win regardless of the environment which surrounds you.

Moderator: Eric Acton

Panelist: Rudy Pereira, Mike Allard, Brandon Michaels, Tricia Hrotko

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Speaker’s BIO:

Eric is an entrepreneurial, pioneering, digital & technology leader. A relentless change agent, always challenging the status quo, always looking for a better way. When he’s not off being the evangelist, out leading the team, he’ll be behind the scenes, the collaborative, persuasive, lateral thinking guy that just makes it happen. Equally comfortable rolling up his sleeves in a start-up environment and navigating the cultural and bureaucratic landscapes of Global 100 enterprises; it’s all about the Art of the Possible!

Firsthand experience in creating the enterprise innovation function at 3 different financial institutions he’s seen and influenced a number of different approaches. Inevitably, change comes down to 3 basic ingredients; Vision, Attitude and Action. With that, any team can believe in infinite possibilities.

The product of an Australian father and French mother, married to a Mexican, when not trying to change the world, he is busy raising his twins to be tri-lingual and multi-cultural. An avid cyclist, in his spare time he can be seen riding his bike and doing triathlons.

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Eric Acton

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