Karrie Drobnick
Verve, a Credit Union

Speaker’s Session(s):

September 27, 2016

Case Study Panel: Understanding Generation Y

2:30 PM-3:30 PM EST

What Are Millennial Behaviors/Trends? How Do Bank And Credit Unions Execute An Effective Strategy And What Are Best Practices For Communication?

  • Gen Y trends and behaviors are a constantly evolving and fluid dynamic.
  • Purchasing Power Leaders: Social behaviors between marketer and consumer.
  • Social platform evolutions and the dynamics of inter-platform marketing strategy – Platform turnover and adaptation to new and emerging platform use/behaviors.
  • The humanization of brands on social.
  • Timing of brand and product: What is appropriate/strategic and when is it the right time to execute?
  • Participation and execution in real time.
  • Varied Creative Dynamic: Digital video, photography, graphic images, AB testing of creative, etc.
  • Social Media And Real Life: Living the brand and eliminating the real life disconnect.
  • A Catered Experience: Targeting specific demographics and cohorts with unique social strategies.

Moderator: Shawn Ketchum

Panelist: Karrie Drobnick, Megan Larsen, JD Scroggin

September 28, 2016

Case Study Session: Earn Revenue From Social Media Despite Compliance Hassles

1:00 PM-2:00 PM EST

Verve, a Credit Union, has grown not only likes, but also loans! From March 2015 through the rest of the year, the credit union generated nearly 200 new loan leads and closed $2.2 million in loans that were directly traced back to the credit union’s social media efforts through its CUSO, Chatter Yak!. And Chatter Yak! ensures the credit union is in compliance with that alphabet soup of pesky regulations from HMDA to UDAAP. Attendees of this session will:

  • Learn the essentials of maintaining regulatory compliance while using social media
  • Discover how to grow social media presence, and more importantly,
  • How to turn that presence into revenue-producing leads.

Speakers: Bryce Roth, Michael Ogden, Karrie Drobnick

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Speaker BIO:

Karrie Drobnick serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for Verve, a Credit Union, based in Oshkosh, WI. Using her vast experience and passion for digital marketing, she and her team created an exciting brand that has engaged the communities they serve. Karrie is an energetic leader driven to enhance user experience and create brands that take businesses to the next level. With extensive service in marketing and communications leadership roles, she has proven experience using data-driven strategies and capitalizing on industry trends to generate great results. She is known for her holistic approach in integrating the needs of all stakeholders to develop innovative solutions that work.

As the CMO, Karrie is responsible for both the strategic direction of Marketing and Technology – blending two areas she is adept in navigating.

Karrie personally align well with Verve’s vision, values and authenticity and is excited to contribute at an executive level to an unbelievably talented and energetic organization. 

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Karrie Drobnick

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