Shawn Ketchem
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Speaker’s Session(s):

September 27, 2016

Case Study Panel: Understanding Generation Y

2:30 PM-3:30 PM EST

What Are Millennial Behaviors/Trends? How Do Bank And Credit Unions Execute An Effective Strategy And What Are Best Practices For Communication?

  • Gen Y trends and behaviors are a constantly evolving and fluid dynamic.
  • Purchasing Power Leaders: Social behaviors between marketer and consumer.
  • Social platform evolutions and the dynamics of inter-platform marketing strategy – Platform turnover and adaptation to new and emerging platform use/behaviors.
  • The humanization of brands on social.
  • Timing of brand and product: What is appropriate/strategic and when is it the right time to execute?
  • Participation and execution in real time.
  • Varied Creative Dynamic: Digital video, photography, graphic images, AB testing of creative, etc.
  • Social Media And Real Life: Living the brand and eliminating the real life disconnect.
  • A Catered Experience: Targeting specific demographics and cohorts with unique social strategies.

Moderator: Shawn Ketchum

Panelist: Karrie Drobnick, Megan Larsen, JD Scroggin

October 20, 2016

Case Study Session: People-To-People: A Credit Union Social Strategy

1:00 PM-2:00 PM EST

  • An exploration through Mazuma Credit Union’s social media strategy geared towards the humanization of a brand through the thorough understanding and adaptation to Gen Y consumer behaviors and trends.
  • Attendees will leave with enhanced knowledge of humanizing a brand, creating content that earns engagement and developing a social media strategy primed for longevity and how to evolve that strategy over time.

Speakers: Brandon Michaels, Shawn Ketchem

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Speaker BIO:

Fueled by a passion for innovation and forward thinking, Shawn Ketchem has been involved in enhancing the marketing and branding efforts of business for nearly 8 years. Shawn has had the privilege of working within a wide variety of verticals ranging from media to food industry to financial. Infatuated by challenging industry status quo, and a fervor for finding new ways of thinking, Shawn’s focus is on the perpetual enhancement of your brand and all things that stem from it.  

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Shawn Ketchem

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