Tricia Hrotko
EVP Chief Revenue Officer

Speaker’s Session(s):

September 29, 2016

Case Study Session: How An 88-Year Old Savings Bank Became Hip All Of A Sudden

1:00PM – 2:00 PM EST

  • The ultra-conservative savings bank and mortgage lender, known to many North Jerseyans as one of the last bastions of passbook savings accounts, is on a roll with a powerful digital omni-channel offering and streamlined new offices to meet the haven of young, upwardly mobile, and digitally-savvy consumers in their hot markets.
  • Chief Revenue Officer, Tricia Hrotko recognized the need to prepare her financial institution for the next generation of banking and customers’ needs. Starting with a re-branding effort to launch “CSBK” and the addition of ultra-modern open concept banking centers equipped with transaction pods, the effort was further enhanced with a new digital banking offering from Malauzai Software. CSBK has come full circle with sleek and sophisticated physical locations and a digital experience to match.
  • Learn how 88-year old CSBK has evolved into a cool, hip brand with a mobile and online offering unlike any other in the market and meeting the needs and behaviors of today’s consumers. Robb Gaynor, Chief Product Officer of Malauzai will share his insights on how CSBK and other community financial institutions are out innovating the big brands and delivering relevant and personalized experiences through digital.

Speakers: Robb Gaynor, Tricia Hrotko


October 21, 2016

Case Study Panel: Strategic Executive

2:30 PM-3:30 PM EST

  • Growth is an outcome of strategy, planning and execution.  The keystone to it all is leadership and the determination to see things through all the challenges and hardships that even the banking industry must face. Sometimes, the best results come from having a clear concise vision for what the future can bring and executing short term tactics and strategies to see it through.  This panel is full of banking executives from all sizes and geographies and will be sure to fill you with enough ways to think and do in order to win regardless of the environment which surrounds you.

Moderator: Eric Acton

Panelist: Rudy Pereira, Mike Allard, Brandon Michaels, Tricia Hrotko

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Speaker BIO:

Ms. Hrotko is responsible for the integration of all revenue-related functions, including strategic planning, marketing and sales, product development and pricing, client service and support – with the ultimate goal of driving profitable growth. Ms. Hrotko joined CSBK from Sterling National Bank, New York, where she was responsible for overall marketing and corporate communications for the $2.7 billion commercial bank. Previously, Ms. Hrotko held a similar role at First Morris Bank and Trust, a community bank headquartered in Morristown, NJ (now part of Provident Bank of New Jersey). Ms. Hrotko’s prior professional career included senior roles within the advertising and communications industry implementing integrated marketing programs for well-known national brands. Tricia is a graduate of Bryant University, Rhode Island.


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Tricia Hrotko

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