Friday, October 21, 2016 / #CaseStudySummit / – What a great panel moderated by Eric Acton – Digital Transformation & Innovation from Dell, along with some of the best strategically focused executives such as Rudy Pereira – President/CEO at Royal Credit Union, Mike Allard – SVP/CMO at Avidia Bank, Brandon Micheals – President/CEO at Mazuma Credit Union, and Tricia Hrotko – EVP Chief Revenue Officer from CSBK.

Let me start off by briefly describing each person on the panel and my personal view of each.

Brandon Micheals – President/CEO at Mazuma Credit Union is a very progressive credit union leader. What makes him unique is the fact that he’s able to strategically plan and think very big, yet execute with military precision by putting the right people in the right positions and getting them focused on the right things. Mazuma’s assets aren’t massive, yet, through deft maneuvering they out flank organizations 10 or more times their size. He also understands how to make mistakes and learn from them – which in my experience is a must have ability!

Rudy Pereira – President/CEO at Royal Credit Union is a leader that has been seasoned through years of the right experience, yet has a very in the moment and young mind which can shift from being a seasoned CEO talking financial literacy to a millennial mindset on a dime. He intrinsically understands every generation and what questions need to be asked and answered to remain relevant for all time. He’s well respected and has a presence of someone you should listen to – a person of much wisdom. He deeply loves people and loves to do right by them. He’s the kind of person I’d follow into battle.

Mike Allard – SVP/CMO at Avidia Bank understands what needs to happen today, tomorrow and over the next 5-10 years at a bank in order to dominate. Most importantly he not only understands them, he makes them happen regardless of the challenges they face. An example is partnering with Linked2pay to create a card-less cash advance ATM system. Next, he understands the importance of having the right people, just look up the #avidiasmarties.

Tricia Hrotko – EVP Chief Revenue Officer from CSBK personally took a very old and stodgy bank (that had great products but a not so impressive brand) and turned it into an 88 year old start up. She does all of the right things to take this “good old guys” bank, and make it relevant today. Not an easy feat, yet she’s tough enough to make it happen.

Amy McIlwain – Global Industry Principal at Hootsuite, the world’s largest social relationship management company with over 15 million users worldwide. She has appeared on FOX, CBS, ABC, and NBC as a social media expert, and delivers keynote presentations to financial service organizations around the world.

Together, they were impressive, I could almost imagine a company in which all of them were leaders at! The overall theme of the session was that their organizations must have the people in the right places and doing the right things – it is key. Banking today is rapidly changing, yet they pretty much shrugged at it as “yep, it’s changing” but their next response was important. It wasn’t “oh no” it was more like “but what we going to do to change with it?” The biggest challenges they face are also what fuels them to win. They love this disruption and change, because it gives them their chance to shine.

Any executives in banking today should be asking themselves and seeking answers to the following questions.

  1. What are the right things we should be doing today, tomorrow and 5-10 years in order to be relevant and win?
  2. Who do we need and what should they be doing to make the right things happen?
  3. How can we execute on that today with the resources we currently have to make all of the above happen in a reasonable time?

Change and disruption hurts, how you deal with that pain is up to you. You can make it a growing pain, or it can just hurt, I assure you that everyone on this panel will choose the latter because they understand change and challenge is inevitable, how you respond is the only choice you have.

I love them and deeply respect them all. I was very proud to have them. Thank you!

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