Christina Farmer

Communications Coordinator

Provident Bank



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Why Do Businesses Still Use A Branch?

I have been with Provident Bank for about two and a half years now. Before becoming the Communications Coordinator in the Marketing Department, I was a Bank Associate at the Heights Branch in Jersey City. During my time there, I noticed just how busy the branch was every day – with personal and business  customers. In this day and age, with mobile and online banking, why are so many people still coming into a branch?

I noticed how comfortable customers were with the branch staff. Some of the employees have been there 10 + years, and many of the customers have been there just as long. However, as a millennial, I could not understand how people found the time to visit a branch 2-3 times a week. One of my customers used to travel from Kenilworth to Jersey City just so I can do her transactions for her, even though there was a branch near Kenilworth. When I asked her why she travels so far to do her banking, she told me she doesn’t trust anyone else to do her banking, even though she had simple transactions. I even suggested that she download the mobile banking app and to get direct deposit from her employer, but she refused. She didn’t believe her pay would be correct if she was getting direct deposit. I could not understand her mindset because for me, everything is electronic. I nearly never carry cash anymore. As time passed I noticed these same customers enjoyed the interaction with the bank staff. Many of the customers coming into the branch were business customers as well.