Tuesday, October 11, 2016 / #CaseStudySummit / – This was an amazing panel moderated by Kristen Stogniew – Shareholder & Compliance Consultant from Saltmarsh, Cleaveland & Gund with great panelists: Desiree Johnson – Marketing & Sales Specialist from Gateway Bank of Central Florida, Susan deFreese – Senior VP & Compliance Manager from IBERIABANK, and Laura Breeland – Audit & Compliance Officer from Central National Bank.

The major theme of the panel was that both the marketing and compliance departments need to work together synonymously in accomplishing each others goals. The main goal being that marketing at a financial institution needs to be flexible and as open as possible (especially when it comes to social media) whereas compliance needs some sort of effective process to make fair and effective guidelines. It’s quite simple really, but not so easy. Kristen did a great job getting each panelist to discuss their personal stories, Laura Breeland from Central National Bank shared her stories of her two video stars, Joe Nesbitt and Bryan Fonville. Some of their videos are: Central National Bank Employee Ranking Show, Special Columbus Day Message From CNB, and What Bankers Really Think About Presidents’ Day with over 20,000 views alone, our other panelists admittingly said they’ve seen those great videos as well. It was really a great example of a FI’s marketing that is allowed to  be creative and effective – more importantly Laura Breeland (Central National Bank) shared her compliance process that effectively works but does not hinder Bryan and Joe from creating the funny videos we all love.

Kristen also stated that marketing at a bank doesn’t have to be boring! She’s an expert Compliance Consultant and although she’s not a marketer – being my co-host on the Bank On It Podcast Show she’s learned how bank and credit union marketers need the freedom to thrive.

My take away – I learned that being a compliance professional is very hard today at any financial institution, it’s more like being a juggler of many different personalities at a bank/credit union, by leaving them all room to thrive while finding the best way to reduce risk at the same time. From a marketers point of view, compliance professionals are like a faucet that can allow flow of creativity while doing their jobs. I now have the utmost respect for compliance experts who understand how to balance freedom, creativity, and growth, while performing their primary function of keeping their institutions safe.

It was a terrific panel!

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