A couple nights ago, to her extreme excitement, my daughter rediscovered a bag of pirate goodies she had received on her last birthday. She played with these same exact trinkets over a year ago, but after her brief period of enthusiasm diminished, she left them buried in her overwhelmingly large pile of toys.

Like kids craving new toys, we often feel that we must have the newest gadgets and technology. But many times, repurposing old pieces might just do the trick.

This idea inspired me to review my long-forgotten lists of topics for blogs. I was genuinely surprised to realize that much of the previously covered topics could be repurposed and tailored to different audiences.

In terms of content creation, looking into old ideas and giving them a new twist is like digging through buried treasure. It’s not creating a piece from scratch, but neither is it reusing the same exact content in another post.

Repurposing content is a smart and effective way to get the most out of an existing topic by finding ways to make the content relevant to multiple audience groups. Your content has many facets. Each facet provides a new opportunity to tell your story.

Here Are A Few Inspirations To Get Started With Presenting Old Content To A New Audience.

Make Infographics

Turning your most popular posts into visually pleasant infographics may require some artwork and aesthetics. You have the points and information prepared, so much of the work is done.

Expand On Selected Points From Your White Paper

You have invested a lot of time and resources into putting together a white paper, so you have most of the information you need to develop an individual post. Choose one or two points from that white paper, and get started.

Get Inspired By The Comments On Your Blog.

You can actually develop new posts in response to comments from customers and the general public. For example, you can answer questions raised by your readers.

If you need content inspiration, now is a good time to think about how you can reuse and repurpose existing content. Good writing is a timely treasure, but great writing is a timeless artifact.

What’re some other ways you can repurpose your content in order to optimize your FI’s reach? Let us know in the comments below!