Since 2012, global social network advertising revenues have continued to grow. In 2012, it was reported at $7.72 billion, in 2014  revenues stood close to $17 billion, and in 2015 revenues were in the area of 25 billion! Furthermore, 70% of marketers expect to spend more on social media advertising this year.

They’re spending more because they want to reach more people, increasing click-through-rates, and generate leads. However, some banks don’t have the luxury of increasing budgets. So, instead there are easy copy edits banks can make to improve Twitter click-through-rates.

…and the best part is, changing copy on Twitter is FREE!

Convey Urgency

If your audience doesn’t feel compelled to act right then and there, guess what? They’re not going to. Use your words to convey how important it is for your consumer to act now. Would you be more likely to immediately sign up for something that ends in a week, a month, a year? Put a deadline on the offer or specify a time frame.

Amazon does a great job at conveying urgency with the Tweet copy in the following promoted advertisement.

"Today's Best Deal on amazon"

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Minimize Distractions

Don’t mention others or use hashtags. Advertisements that don’t include these have been reported as driving 23% more clicks than those that do. While initially, you may think that using them will include you in conversations and heighten your exposure, it also gives your potential customer an “out.” It gives them somewhere else to click, some other subliminal call-to-action to look at something that’s potentially bigger and better. Minimize the distractions to having one simple call to action that leads consumer to your product and services.

Ask Questions

Use questions that will be answered, or pose problems that will be solved by using your banking product or service. Upon reading the question a potential customer immediately will relate (or not) to your message.

Take a look at how this dating website posed a question, and then suggests their product as a way to solve that problem.

Elite Singles

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So while increasing marketing budgets for social network advertising is inevitably going to continue to happen, using these free Tweet copy edits provides a FREE way to increase their click-through-rates.

When crafting your advertisements keep these simple edits in mind, they will help you get the most out of every penny your bank spends.

What other ways can banks and credit unions improve their social media marketing copy? Let us know in the comments below!