Your job as a content marketer is to craft compelling pieces that establish emotional connections between your company and your clients. As the writer, you want to speak as the voice of the brand while writing interesting content that makes your reader want to come back time and again.

Sitting down and beginning a piece can be a challenge. While writing may seem like a simple task, it is difficult to provide your audience with valuable and continuous insights into your company while taking them on an emotional journey over and over.

However, avoiding these common creative writing mistakes can help push your work from drab to fab.

Dull Beginning

So your reader has decided that the title has provided enough intrigue to read your post. You now have only a few minutes to catch your reader’s attention. With limited time and attention spans, your readers want to know what you are going to talk about early on and in an interesting way.

The beginning is essentially your “elevator pitch” — you want to tell them about yourself without divulging everything and still provide them with content that is relevant and intriguing so that they want to learn more.


Remember in college when you were given a topic to discuss with a page requirement? Sometimes you would find yourself adding words and phrases to get yourself to the page length, when in reality, you had already discussed what was needed. When creating your own content, there is no need to add additional words and phrases. It is easy to lose your reader when they find themselves having to read tons of prose to extract a single idea. Tell them what you want to say simply and effectively.

While your first draft may seem adequate, be sure to edit the article by cutting out words and filler phrases that you don’t need. You will find that your writing becomes more direct and easy to understand. Creating a good piece isn’t about the quantity of work, but rather the quality.

Ineffective Repetition

Although repetition can be a good thing, ineffective repetition is boring. Repetition can be used effectively to teach or drive home an idea or theme. Ineffective repetition takes the form of repeating common words and phrases. Often, writers struggle to find the right words and resort to a repetitive style of writing.

To avoid this, expand your vocabulary. You can do so by getting to know the dictionary and thesaurus, setting aside time to learn new words, and reading a wide range of literature. In doing so, you will add a sense of well-roundedness to your writing.

Computer Dependence

In a world where we write on a computer rather than sitting down with a pen and paper, it is easy to let your machine do the thinking for you. While spell-check and other such programs can pick up on simple mistakes and typos, it is important that you do not rely on your computer.

Some tips for making sure you don’t rely on your computer are:

  • Ask someone else to read over your work.

  • Read your piece backwards.  It will make no sense and force you to focus on each word individually and pay attention to spelling

  • You could even send it to an outside source for editing help.

Ambiguous Ending

There is nothing I hate more than when I get to the end of a good book or article and find that it feels incomplete.

When a piece of writing comes to an abrupt ending, you leave your reader confused and agitated. Rather than thinking about what they have just read, they are left wondering about what your message really was. Your theme gets lost.

Your ending is your “closing argument” or chance to sum up what you have discussed in greater detail throughout the piece. A summary of sorts brings your article full circle, connecting the dots to complete your overarching theme.

These common mistakes can be avoided. In doing so, your writing will become easier to understand, relatable, and exciting. These things are necessary for  content marketers to establish connections with their consumers.

Hopefully, these tips help take your writing to the next level. Questions, Comments, or Concerns? Let us know in the comment section below!