Cross-Device Retargeting Strategies in a Post-Cookie SEM World | Psychographic Targeting Hot House

Google recently announced, to the delight and relief of marketers everywhere, cross-device retargeting functionality across its products. We’ve patiently waited for this critically important update. Ninety percent of people switch between screens to complete tasks, but cookies limit retargeting to browsers. Google’s massive improvement of user tracking has not only streamlined retargeting across devices, it’s moved the cookie one step closer to obsolescence.

Whether this upcoming rollout will be your first time thinking about cross-device retargeting, or you’ve mastered the art of telling a story across apps, devices and sites, it’s the right time to get back to the basics of strategies that connect with customers, no matter which device they’re using. Let’s dig in.

Map the journey

Though each business has its own unique way of scoring, measuring or tracking a conversion/sale/lead down a funnel, the path to purchase generally looks the same: attract, interact, engage and convert. Differences in a customer journey occur in the time between each step, barriers, seasonality, cost and internal shifts, etc.

For B2C and e-commerce, it’s not unusual to score a purchase via a display ad, with no prior user engagement of the site, product or brand.


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