I have been reading John Waupsh’s new book: Bankruption. His words are as witty as he is in real life. If you don’t have it yet, go get it.

One particular question in the beginning chapter of the book resonates with me: “Why doesn’t my financial provider know me?”

Now here is some context.

I have been banking with the same “big bank” for 20 years. One would say, I have been a loyal customer. Though the truth is, it is too much work for me to switch banks. I have two different account logins that could not be merged because of the originating locations (one in NY and one in VA). So from the bank’s perspective, there are two versions of me, which translates to some challenges when I need to navigate between the two. It is not perfect, but I have been able to deal with it.

A month ago, I was blocked from accessing one of my online accounts. After I called customer service, the agent indicated it was due to my not activating a new bank card that I received. I told him I never received a new card in the mail. And why would my legitimate access credentials to the online account got invalidated solely due to the new bank card not getting activated in the system? “Luckily” for me, the helpful agent was able to “unlock” and “activate” the card that I had never received so I was able to pay my bills.