Video content is all the rage. Some may say it’s the marketing trend that keeps on trending. Seventy-eight percent of people watch videos online every week and 55% watch them everyday. By 2018, experts believe that videos will take up 79% of consumer internet traffic.

And the statistics stretch further than just the consumer. Marketing professionals are expanding video content with 69% using it and an additional 31% planning on it.

But just because video is popular, it doesn’t mean you have to run off and try to build a new audience on a different platforms right away. Many banks are comfortable and familiar with Facebook, and you can use video effectively on this platform to tap into an already established viewership.

Here are 5 types videos to increase your bank’s Facebook engagement.

1. Educational Videos

People like to consume content that helps to improve their lives. Using video, banks and credit unions can show how products and services benefit them, or show different ways to help improve your customer’s life.

Buzzfeed Food has great short videos on their Facebook account. While banks and credit unions aren’t in the business of making S’mores Dip (we wish they were), the premise is the same. Find a problem that people want fixed and show them, in a short and entertaining way, how to fix it.

Quick Tip: Focus on helping the customer not selling the product. By showing viewers how it will change the way they live, the selling will be done for you. #AvoidThePitch.

2. Inspirational Videos

Think about a time when you listened to an inspiring speech. Now think of a time when you saw an emotional image. Video is the clashing of the two, driving engagement through the roof. Video has a way of showing emotion that other forms of media simply can’t do. Banks and credit unions deal with very inspiring stories. Money can change people’s lives. Show it.

Dove creates jaw dropping, beautiful videos. They inspire women and young girls across the globe to think differently about their body image and embrace who they are.

Quick Tip: Focus on encouragement. While money woes can be a large source of stress and hostility, highlight the ways money can impact consumers lives in a positive way, or focus on consumers that changed their financial standing for the better.

3. Entertaining Videos

Not all videos have to for a sales purpose. And, there have been some examples of bank and financial service companies creating entertaining videos for this purposes. On social media brands are competing with relationships and other non-advertising relationships. Entertaining videos are imperative to being able to compete.

Central National Bank has been launching a series of humorous videos.

Quick Tip: Don’t be afraid to show personality and pay attention to current events/trends.

4. Behind-The-Scenes Videos

When we meet with community banks and credit unions, the number one thing we hear from executives is, “our members bank with us because of our people.” So why don’t you show it off? People love to know what goes into the making of something. (Have you ever binge-watched How It’s Made on Netflix?)

Quick Tip: Focus on the people who work at your bank and credit unions.

5. Frequently Asked Question Videos

Fifty-nine percent of executives say that if both text and video versions of the same information are available to them, they’ll watch the video. And what better way to answer popular topics of concern than through a “frequently asked question video.”

Quick Tip: Focus on the questions people are asking you, not the information you want to ask them. Doing so, will make the video truly valuable from beginning to end.

Engaging videos are great marketing tools. Work to create videos that are unique and build excitement. Community banks and credit unions’ local communities give them and edge over larger institutions.

And before you go off chasing the newest video hosting platform, think about ones you already have established fans on.

Think Facebook.

What video strategies have worked at your FI? Let us know in the comments below!