Tuesday, October 4, 2016 / #CaseStudySummit / – What a great story on omni-channel integration by Sean Keathly – President from Adrenaline and Brad Tidwell – President and CEO along with Woodie Tipps – Executive Vice President from Citizens National Bank.

Brad told the story of how they decided to address the fact that branch traffic was decreasing while transactions/mobile/digital interactions were increasing. After deciding to fully integrate all channels they knew the journey to make this happen required the right partner for success. They discussed in detail about creating and training the universal banker.

They shared before-and-after pictures of their branches and I must say the difference was significant. Brad and Woodie clearly knew they needed to integrate branding into all customer touch points and especially their branches. They also shared their mapping process in order to avoid an unwanted increase in customer “self-service” and gain a wanted increase and improvement of the customer experience”. They made it very clear that efficiency must also be effective to improve the customer journey.

They discussed the pilot program they implemented in a few branches so that they could effectively adjust and improve their system – the pilots helped design and perfect their strategy for branch network-wide transition. This pilot program is vital, Sean shared that the upfront work to get the pilot branches right will greatly increase efficiencies as all branches are updated to the new layout. For example, Citizens National Bank does a great job of utilizing community content throughout their multimedia platforms within their branch locations. They’ve integrated music, colors, lighting, design and function into all designed branches.

One of the key take aways from this session: By improving [Citizens National Bank] their  entire customer delivery network – communication and integration throughout the entire organization, from the branches to digital to customers and employees, was much more synchronized resulting in an increased effectiveness company wide and better business leads.

Personally, I sit in on a lot of sessions on customer experience and user experience – what I liked most about this was the synergy between Citizens National Bank and Adrenaline. Simply speaking, Citizens National Bank had an essence of what they wanted to create and Adrenaline had a powerful process that effectively enabled them to accomplish their goal – much of which was communication and brand integration with the people (employees and customers) throughout the entire experience.

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