In this episode guest Larry Elkan & host John Siracusa discuss how banks and credit unions can connect with their markets on a deeper level with content that speaks to them as an individual. Ultimately, answering the question “What is Great Effective Compliance Content? “, and teaching your FI to target, connect, and engage! Listen in…


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Trained in all aspects of Direct Response, B2B, B2C, and financial copywriting and content writing at prestigious AWAI in Delray Beach, Florida where as a member of their “Circle of Success” I am able to study all facets of the craft under some of the worlds best legendary A list copywriters.

After several years I continue actively studying today working my way through AWAI’s entire catalog of offerings in order to write the very best copy for my clients.

Additionally trained by copywriting legend John Carlton in both his SWS 1.0, and 2.0 curriculum.
Certified by Dan Kennedy in copywriting for Info-Marketing.

I offer all forms of copywriting to my clients however my specialties include case studies, success stories, white papers, special reports, and collateral copy to B2B companies especially those in the financial, investment, insurance, and annuity markets. My 20 years of real world Wall Street experience, combined with my extensive copywriting skills, allow me to provide my clients with the unique combination of skills, what I refer to as my 1-2 combination punch, in writing powerful “COMPLIANT COPY THAT CONVERTS” for firms whose copy must meet stringent regulatory requirements.

Additionally my prior 10 year career in which I was a FORD MOTOR COMPANY 300/500 GRAND MASTER in charge of commercial accounts, and fleet leasing, give me the necessary expertise to write for the automotive community.

My copywriting training which includes Dan Kennedy certification as a copywriter for Info-Marketing allow me to write all aspects of an Info-Marketing launch or relaunch for both digital, and physical products and services.

Finally I am currently a student of Ryan Levesque’s “ASK METHOD” MASTERCLASS learning all aspects of writing complete copy necessary for an ASK METHOD based survey, funnel, and product launch.