One of my first professional mentors loved the saying, “Plan your work, work your plan.” As a young marketer, it was a response to everything I wanted to do. I hated it at the time but grew to love it throughout my career.

Over the years, it has served me well. When it comes to social media, it’s an adage that couldn’t hold more truth.

Step 1: Plan

If you’re going to plan, gather an executive sponsor and one person from each of these areas: Finance, technology, marketing, member services and legal/compliance.

Step 2: Invest

The difference between effective social media and ineffective social media is investment, both financial and time. If you’ve taken the time to plan, you’ll have a crystal clear idea of what you need to invest in and it will likely fall into these categories…

Step 3: Follow up and execute consistently

Once your team has discussed your investment capabilities, make sure you have the resources and systems in place to follow up, focusing on two critical areas…

Step 4: Measure

Finally, as part of our 2017 strategic planning meeting, let’s discuss those metrics that matter. A solid credit union social media marketing strategy needs an equally solid measurement plan.

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