Take a moment to think about your bank’s Facebook page. Is it accomplishing the goals you set forth? Did you even set up specific goals? Perhaps it sits there like that old toy on your kid’s dusty shelf that’s desperate to be played with.

It’s time to pick it up, dust it off, and fix these 3 Facebook mistakes that banks and credit unions make.

Not Designing An Effective Cover Photo

A blank image, an ill-cropped picture, or boring art won’t help your brand image. The cover photo is absolutely FREE advertising space. Would you waste a commercial spot your bank paid for? Would you pass by a chance to have your bank featured in a successful magazine article? No. A cover photo is no different, it’s just free.

Furthermore, it’s the first impression your consumer gets of your bank or credit union when visiting your Facebook page. If your cover photo is engaging, your consumers are more likely to interact with your page.

The Fix: Connect with your customers lifestyles. Your bank or credit union’s goal is to improve your customers’ quality of life. Whether that be by streamlining their online banking processes, developing a sense of community, or providing financial education that improves small businesses – your objective is to provide value that customers can’t live without. If you keep that in mind with every image you create, you’ll generate photos that are engaging, attention grabbing, emotional, and most importantly, effective.

Building Content For Content’s Sake

If there’s one mistake banks make on Facebook that needs to be addressed it’s this. They flock to Facebook because they know how important social media is to their marketing strategy, but don’t necessarily want to be there. So they build content because they feel they have to with no particular goal in mind, and with no gauge for whether or not it’s working.

Content should move people. It should trigger a customer into action. Whether that be to share the content, subscribe to a blog, enter a contest, donate to a charity, or buy a product – content should have viewers leaping at the chance to do something. Most banks unfortunately don’t create content that accomplishes this.

The Fix: Use Facebook Insights. Facebook insights will tell you who’s exactly is viewing your content, at what time of day they view it, where they’re viewing it, and what type of engagement it receives. Frequently visiting this page and understanding these analytics will help bank marketers to continuously improve their content.

Not Completing The “About Me” Section

Don’t underestimate its power. For someone first visiting your bank or credit union’s Facebook page, chances are this is the first place they are going to visit. So make it good. Make it juicy. Make it bite worthy.

Leaving it blank or providing a generic description of your financial services is like hiring staff at your bank to be silent. This is the space where potential customers get to know you, so use it like you’re putting your best staff member in front of a prospect.

The fix: Include information that would be valuable to a possible client. Put the most relevant details at the top. And, illustrate how your bank can solve your customer’s problem.

The possibilities for mistakes can seem endless. But, by fixing these 3 Facebook mistakes you’ll be steps closer to having a successful Facebook page.

You’ll get a page that’s descriptive, eye-catching, engaging, and most importantly effective. It’ll shine like a toy fresh out of the box.

Did you see an increase on your FI’s Facebook page upon fixing these mistakes? Let us know in the comments!