“While you’re sitting there wondering why you’ve kept all the rules and you still haven’t achieved everything you’ve been promised, someone else has been breaking all the rules and seeing all the success that comes from doing so.”

– Dan Pearce

Sound familiar? Have you been promised success if your bank uses social media and develops a blog?

Have you followed all the rules and seen few results? Well, maybe it’s time you start changing the way you operate, break the rules a little – just to see what happens. To help you, we’ve created a FI’s quick guide to creating a blog people actually want to read.

Throw Structure Out The Window!

A lot of the time we think that every idea we come up with, needs to be a good one. We sit down, decide on an idea, create an outline, complete the piece, and schedule it for launch.

But, unfortunately, every piece isn’t going to be dynamite. Also, some of the great ideas we have, are going to come during the weirdest times. (Mainly, when we aren’t at our desk sitting down to write.) For that reason, we suggest writing down every idea you have – even if at the time it seems irrelevant. Our writers have iPhones chock full of titles and glimpses of blog inspiration.

Don’t let the structure of writing control you. You may get an idea at a networking event, on your commute to work, or right before bed. Whenever you get an idea, jot it down and revisit it at work. There you will be able to decide whether or not it will add something special to your bank blog.

Leave Analytics & Engagement Behind!….(Temporarily)!

No good blog is created when you’re doing 100 different things. So while you may be tempted to check your email, monitor social media channels, and go through metrics and analytics, leave them behind.

Dedicating time to write, and write freely without distractions, will improve your writing dramatically. It will allow for ideas to flow effortlessly onto the page, and you’ll save yourself a ton of time.  That time, can then be spent accomplishing other things!

Don’t Settle For The Status-Quo!

Content marketing is relatively new to the financial services scene. However, content marketing isn’t new to other industries. For that reason, bank marketers are competing with thousands and thousands of pieces of content. In order for yours to get noticed, it needs to stand out.

To do this, banks needs to innovate and move the needle. For example, we recently wrote a post about Chase and their partnership with theSkimm. In this article, we discuss how they have been creating posts that are bold and edgy to grab the attention of new audiences, and set themselves apart from other financial institutions. They’re getting noticed for it. Other banks that do the same, will see similar success and added viewership.

4. Stop Writing Because You Feel You Have To!

If you’re spending more than 24 hours agonizing over a post, you’re wasting your time. Based on the chart below, you can see that typically it takes bloggers one to two hours per post. A far cry from days.

So, if crafting the post is eating up your time, it’s probably too forced of an article and won’t work. This time could be better spent on other tasks, and you could likely be working on a piece that would perform much better!

5. Quit Thinking The Banking Industry Is So Exclusive!

Dissociation happens all the time, especially in banking. As marketers we see a cool, nifty, marketing campaign and think, “that’s awesome but I could never replicate that in my industry.” You’re wrong.

It’s time to quit thinking that marketing tactics used outside the banking industry won’t work within it. They will. They just need a little tweaking, that’s all. Instead of looking solely within the banking industry for inspiration, start to look at other major brands killing the content marketing game. Find blogs you enjoy/your audience enjoys, and try to replicate that at your institution.

Doing these things, will enhance a blog beyond your belief. You’ll start to write about things you never dreamed would work within your institution. Your audience will love it, your subscribers will increase, and engagement will skyrocket!

While your sticking to the rules, other marketers are breaking them. Sometimes breaking the rules can pay-off. What’re your thoughts?