Just as brands were beginning to really perfect how to interact and engage with Millennials, a new generation with different trials and tools is coming up on Gen Y’s heels to challenge everything we think we know. Defining Gen Y as 20-34 and Gen Z as 16-19, we are taking a deep dive into the ‘what’s next’ for brands.

In our research and approach featured in the Journal of Brand Strategy, we discuss the importance of our audience first methodology. “In order to really understand audiences, our approach hinges upon the concept that ‘we must be or become them.’ That means that our approach helps us see the world through our audience’s lens… Long gone are the days of brands quickly generating messages and throwing them out to see what sticks.” Now, just as brands were perfecting their interactions and engagement with the Millennial audience, a new generation with a whole new set of trials and tools is set to bring Disruption 2.0.

Change is Coming, Ready or Not

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