You’re starting a blog because you truly believe that you have something you can contribute to your readers and/or industry. Unfortunately, you write and write and write, but only a few people seem to be reading. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t creating something spectacular.  It just means your posts aren’t getting to the right people.

A perfect way to improve this is to feature guest bloggers or get your own material featured on other important and influential blogs. Guest blogging generates fresh content with a different outlook and provides a break from the norm. If users are continuously reading what you have to say, providing a different writing style brings a fresh voice to your blog and keeps things interesting.

If you started a blog for business reasons, you’re probably using it as a marketing tool. The goals you’ve probably set include getting people reading, increasing engagement, and expanding the awareness of your brand as a whole. Guest blogging helps you accomplish these goals in the following ways.

  • Guest blogging gives you the opportunity to network within your community

    With guest blogging, you will be reaching out to a much larger audience and, in turn, begin fostering relationships with influential people. Guest blogging  on an influential blog, for example, doesn’t stop with having something you write get featured, you must monitor it and engage with readers.

  • Guest blogging increases your credibility within your community

    Networking establishes emotional relationships with other influential writers and will increase your credibility in the community. The more significant interactions you have, the more people are going to turn to you as a voice worth listening to.

  • Guest blogging helps you discover new business opportunities

    Since your exposure will increase, you are more likely to reach people who are interested in working with you. By establishing credibility in a network of professionals, you establish a level of trust with other individuals, who in turn will be more likely to use your services over someone else—and more likely to refer people to you.

  • Guest blogging begins to increase brand awareness

    It will increase your social media reach. If you are a small company, or a company just starting out on social media, your audience is not that large. However, an established guest blogger has thousands of viewers, which means your audience will grow too.

    Along with the increased social media reach, partnering with another blog will bring new traffic to your blog. Others who might not see your blog regularly will get a better idea of who you are and visit your content.

Guest blogging gives you the opportunity to increase your brand awareness within a specific, interested community. It gets people reading and increases brand awareness.

Once it gets into the hands of the right people, you will begin to see your content for the spectacular work it really is (and was before).

What are you waiting for? Start reaching out to the community,  get your posts out there and sit back and watch your readership blossom.