Building a successful content marketing strategy within your financial institution can be a lofty task.

Research has shown, that as bankers we are prone to creating boring and unhelpful content. This could be caused by only dedicating one person within our institution to handle everything within our content strategy.

This person will often have to write about a broad range of topics, and are expected to have the superpower of creating content about everything the bank has to offer. Not only that, but they need to guarantee that it will work.

But even the best employee can’t be an expert at everything. However, good employees will excel in certain aspects of their job, which is why building a blogging team is important for its success.

So while each member of the blogging team may not be an expert in every topic, they may be experts in their designated field.  In the words of Liam Neeson, “I do have a very particular set of skills.”

Combining employees that have different sets of skills will add variety, dimension, and interest to your blog, making your content more well rounded and valuable to your reader.

So how do we build a blogging team to improve your bank content?

1. Choose People That Are Good Writers, Enjoy Writing, and WANT to be apart of it.

Forcing an employee to write a blog post is like trying to spoon feed a baby pureed spinach. They aren’t interested, will resist, and you’ll likely get nothing accomplished and have to clean up a huge mess. However, there will be employees that would be a good fit for this opportunity. Consider having interested employees submit writing samples and explain what they could bring to the blog that would fulfil the needs of the audience, while improving their life at work.

For example, you might have an employee who does a lot of work within the community, attends charity events on behalf of the bank, and enjoys doing these things. Have them write about the charities you work with and the charitable events your bank attends. (They probably have good relationships with the organizations already!)

2. Have a Manager That Assigns Deadlines

This isn’t something your bank will want to skimp out on. Setting up contributors with regular scheduled deadlines will ensure a steady stream of content to the blog. It will then allow a manager to organize the content and schedule it out in advance so that nobody feels like they are scrambling to post something. When that happens, you’ll typically post junk.

3. Provide The Team With Education

This doesn’t need to always be a seminar or conference. (Although those would help!) It can be in the simple form of providing tools and resources that contributors can access to make their writing better, and get inspiration. For some bankers, blogging may be extremely new to them, but having guidelines and tools to reference will help them feel better about the experience. (Hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink…tell them about our blog.)

Think about providing, a blog process document, contact sheets, best practices guides, information on SEO, etiquette guide, how-to-guides, and lists of responsibilities.

4. Discuss Content Ideas With Each Other

One person can lead to tunnel vision. A single blogger can get caught in a routine and sometimes forget the world around them. Plus, sometimes the best ideas come from someone else first. Having a meeting to discuss ideas for content creation will create a healthy environment to brainstorm, filter out the junk, and focus on what will truly work for your organization.

That person you assigned to write about charities you work with might be unaware that October 29th is National Cat Day. However, your loan officer with 5 cats sure might. Now think about how that could spur an idea for your bank to reach out with the animal shelter you work with and create a great story.

5. Create Some Healthy Competition

Have the manager of your content strategy assign goals and measure the effectiveness of each post. This could spur contributors to get a little competitive and pull out some of the best pieces you’ve ever seen.

The goals should align with the overall content strategy within the bank to confirm that the content created is having a positive effect on the banks bottom line.

Building a blogging team is just like creating any other team within your bank. You need to cover all your bases and create a healthy environment.

…and while we all may have a particular set of skills, if we combine them together we can create a blog that’s truly spectacular.

What does your FI’s blogging team currently look like? What works for you and your team? What doesn’t? Let us know in the comments!