As banks become more digitally driven, consumers still crave a human experience. In a study by PeopleMetrics, consumers didn’t list technology as their number one concern. However, consumers instead listed banks putting the customer first as a top priority. Even millennial customers showed preference for an institution where they could begin a trusting relationship.

While online bill pay, mobile apps, and Apple Pay are convenient, many individuals still want to have an in-house experience when discussing financial decisions.

Branch events are a great way to foster that human-to-human experience, and make your branch a place consumers want to visit.

But with branch numbers dwindling, and conversations increasing online, how can a bank use social media to leverage their events and increase attendance?

Here are 5 answers.

Create a Highlight Reel

We’ve all missed that football game, but luckily all the highlights will be readily available the next day. Same thing goes for your event. Create a highlight reel for previous events, so people can know what to expect and see how much fun it was. You can use this as a marketing tool on all digital platforms, including email and social campaigns.

When making the video be sure to remember who you intended audience is. Host it on YouTube and Vimeo as they both have advantages and disadvantages. Post it on social media channels. But, pay special attention to Facebook.

Why you might ask? Because Facebook loves videos, and rewards you for posting native links to videos. This means that your post will appear most often and prominently in the newsfeed.

Let Your Customers Rave About You

If past events have been a success, customers will be raving about the good time they had. Have representatives ask them for quotes and to leave their feedback about the event.

Use these quotes and create a simple graphic image to post on social media platforms. People are much more likely to trust a third party, and will more likely to go to an event if they are exposed to all the positive reviews others gave.

Post Pictures

Don’t want to write about all the fun you are having? Take a picture of all the fun you’re having. Whether it’s the town Christmas Tree Lighting or you’re hosting a fundraiser for the local dog shelter, document it all.

Be sure to post pictures in real-time, and also save some for future marketing opportunities. Pictures are a great way to initial capture your customers attention on social media. Once their attention is grabbed, take that opportunity to tell them more about upcoming events.

Create a Hashtag

Create a hashtag, and then use it on everything. A hashtag creates a community within social media channels. It allows anyone looking at your event to follow along by simply searching for the designated hashtag.

It allows you to monitor and interact with current attendees, as well as reach out to others who are missing out. It’s an easy way to encourage engagement and unify all your marketing efforts.

Be sure to input the hashtag on all your bios. By doing this you tie the event directly to you!

Share Behind The Scenes Footage

Consumers love transparency. Many of which follow brands on social media so that they can get the inside scoop, and are privilege to info and content that isn’t readily available on the website.

So before, during, and after, gather content that gives a behind the scenes look. For example, is your banking association preparing for a large conference? Send out a picture of the table decorations, or name-tag setting. Sounds simple, but people love this stuff!

All these things will create buzz about your event before, during, and after. The more FOMO (fear of missing out) you create, the more people are going to walk through your doors on event day.

What strategies work or don’t work for branch events at your FI? Let us know in the comments below!