Is your bank thinking about setting up an Instagram account? Or, perhaps your bank already has one, but wants to find more effective ways to drive revenue from it.

Either way, there’s no reason that a bank’s Instagram should be a platform that merely hosts pictures. Instead, the posts should cause your audience to take action and promote sales. This article will teach bank marketers exactly how to do that.

These tools, tips, and tricks, will help bank marketers use Instagram to drive revenue at their banks.

Capture Attention

Not any image will do, it needs to capture the attention of your audience. With over 60 million images posted a day, the competition is extremely high. There are a few ways you can make your image more interesting. Try finding a unique angle. Think about whether you want to show the whole image, just part of it, or if there’s a more eye-catching way to frame it. Try to focus on lighting. Any professional photographer will tell you that lighting is the key to a good photograph. So, make sure your images are well lit. Try a filter. Instagram has several filters available that can improve an image.

Utilize the Caption Area

Instagram allows you to use a lot of text when completing the caption segment of your post. Use that to you advantage and tell a story. An image paired will compelling text will resonate more with your audience than if it stands alone.

Use Hashtags

This hashtag isn’t exclusive to Twitter. Instagram has seen a lot of success in using this tactic. Posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement than those that don’t use them. However, that doesn’t mean it’s time to go crazy. In a study of Instagram, 88% of posts included at least a single hashtag. Yet, 91% of posts included less than 7 hashtags. It’s best to stick with 3-5 hashtags at a time. Less is more.

Make The Call to Action Clear

This is imperative when trying to get your audience to do something. The call to action needs to be relevant to the image, and should inspire your viewer to take an additional step.

Partner With Influencers

We talk about this all the time when we discuss creating blog posts. Same rules apply when creating photos and using Instagram. Influencers already have large distribution channels and reach a lot of people. Use them to your advantage and increase your message’s reach. Not only do they have large networks, but they also have established themselves as a trusted source of information. Therefore, a recommendation from them holds much more weight than a paid advertisement.

Instagram is still one of the fastest growing social media platforms and it’s no secret that it has started to morph from a social platform to a social marketplace. This makes it easier for marketers and brands to use it as a revenue generating tool.

For it to be successful, it needs to have a strategy and fit flawlessly within your bank’s overall content strategy. How could it fit in yours?