For many of us, our personal resolution should generally be to improve our lot in life – lose weight, break a bad habit, find a new job, etc. For our credit unions, those resolutions need to be focused on improving the member experience and optimizing our delivery channels. The success of all current and future numeric and financial goals are dependent on this one resolution: to make the member experience as easy and frictionless as possible.

Hopefully your credit union is among the 40% who established resolutions (goals) at the outset of 2017 and following are five steps to help you be among the 8% who succeed.

  1. Make your goals visible and keep them visible. It’s not too late to conduct a kickoff meeting with your team to recap successes from last year and talk about your targets for the coming year. Make 2017 the year of member experience … with the goal of identifying all the ways you need to improve to create the greatest experience possible. Just because you can’t thoroughly quantify a goal (i.e., member experience) doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a highly visible resolution. And just because you’ve done well in the past doesn’t mean you don’t need to better in the future.

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