Friday, September 23, 2016 /#CaseStudySummit/ – Social Banking is hard, it requires a lot of planning, strategy, and obtaining buy-in from employees as well as senior management. It’s never easy to get started, but as it starts to happen – it comes together and becomes fun while garnering significant results.

Robb Gaynor from Malauzai Software discussed the three pillars of mobile banking…

Pillar One – Easy Integration

Add these integration points within mobile/internet banking.

  • Add link to social media sites.
  • Allow end-users to share and refer via social media.

Pillar Two – Build Communities

  • Let people set up apps for family and friends.

Pillar Three – Social Payments

  • Add ability to post activity to communities
  • Add real time credit ability – accounting engine.

And throughout the session Robb consistently pointed out how vital it is to make it happen in order to take advantage of being a very social bank/credit union.

Joe Wood from Alabama Teachers Credit Union discussed the 10 steps they took to build their strategy and implement it. One major theme that was shared throughout was that financial institutions must change and focus on moving forward in regards to becoming a social bank. It won’t happen by itself, it must contain a purposeful strategy. Also, the whole institution, employees and management must not only buy-in, but get involved with your institutions social media efforts. The more fun it is, the better the results.

While having fun and coming up with effective ideas – you can begin to integrate retail banking into it. Alabama Teachers Credit Union shared some great examples of promotions they came up with in order to increase employee and community involvement. Joe stated multiple times that social media must be social and that means that any interaction must be as human as possible. Thank you to Robb Gaynor from Malauzai, Emily and Joe from Alabama Teachers Credit Union for sharing their #CaseStudySummit story with us.


Be Social

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