WEDNESDAY, Sept. 21, 2016 /#BankSocial/ — It was a great day to kick off our 2016 #CaseStudySummit with speakers Dan Moyle, Creative Director of Marketing from AmeriFirst Home Mortgage and Sam Mallikarjunan, Principal Marketing Strategist from HubSpot.

The theme of the story was in essence how a traditionally focused mortgage provider shifted from traditional means of advertising with little results, to increasing new qualified mortgage leads by a significant amount, having almost 2 million accumulated views in March 2016!

The first step AmeriFirst Home Mortgage took was hiring Dan Moyle, and Dan didn’t have banking experience when he was first hired, but by being a journalist he knew how to create strategic and purposeful content and knew how to build an audience. Building an audience and answering their deepest questions is the key to inbound. Dan quickly focused on identifying his top buyer personas and deep dived into psychographics, building more than plenty purposeful content to attract them. As his content quality/quantity increased, higher qualified leads started to arrive, with that lending officers started to buy in to what Dan was trying to accomplish by supporting his marketing efforts.

Simply put, the lesson here: In order for inbound marketing to work, your financial institution needs the right person(s) who can create the right content strategies and implement them in order to make closing loans the easiest job a lending officer has ever had.

Thank you Sam and Dan, for a wonderful opening keynote presentation!

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