Put your pens and pencils down. Better yet, take your hand off the mouse (at least until you have to scroll down.)

And, ask yourself…

If I had to give myself an evaluation today, right now, how many traits of a socially savvy retail bank marketer would I be able to cross off the following list?

You Chase The Right Things

While setting up a new account is exciting, the platform isn’t what makes the marketing work. A savvy marketer seeks the customer, not the latest trend. They’ll use analytics and market research to find out where their desired customers are spending time and be there.

You Won’t Settle For Mediocrity

While pumping out a lot of content is necessary to remain relevant in your audience’s lives, if that content is mediocre it won’t be effective at all. Good marketers know this, and work to break the chains of a content calendar that merely churns out posts and focus their attention on crafting content that’s exemplary and moves people to act.

You Can Spot An Influencer A Mile Away

A key to expanding social reach is to link up with influencers and get them to share your content as well. A great social media marketer will be a natural net-worker. They’ll be able to walk into a room, or onto a social platform, and pinpoint exactly who they need to make connections with. They won’t be afraid to start conversations, interact, follow and engage with important influential people on social media platforms.

You Understand Technology Shouldn’t Rule The World

Technology makes everyone’s lives easier. But relying on technology to do your job won’t help you create the relationships you want on social media. Successful social media marketers will use technology to make monitoring and management either but will hone in on the human connection. They’ll build relationships through genuine and transparent conversations, not through canned messages.

You’ll Turn Down Superficial Statistics

(No Matter How Warm And Fuzzy They Make You Feel)

There’s nothing better than receiving the notification that 100 new people have started Following your bank on Twitter. Although it feels good, it isn’t necessarily the best statistic for gauging social success. In the grand scheme of things, these numbers are superficial. Bank marketers recognize this and dig down into social media analytics to look at conversions, engagement, and who specifically the followers are. These are the numbers that are more telling of whether or not a campaign is in good standing. Besides anyone can pay for followers, right?

You’ll Craft Multiple Messages

Markets have continued to get segmented, and a one-message approach is no longer effective. Not only do you have to change the message for whatever target audience you want to reach, you also need to cater it to the platform you’re using. What works on Facebook doesn’t necessarily work on Twitter. Bank customers using Twitter may not be the same as the one’s using Facebook. Strong marketers will figure out ways to understand the different segments within their organization and bring them the right message at the right time.

You Aren’t Afraid To Step On Some Toes And Push Boundaries

Anyone who works at a bank or credit union knows that regulation is a huge concern when it comes to social media. That being said, those in charge are going to hear a lot of “no’s” and stand in front of a lot of naysayers. But content that’s been through 1000 approval processes loses its uniqueness. Dry, boring, and sterile content won’t get shared. Marketers that make their social media thrive will work with executives to show them the value of emotional, eye-catching, and unconventional content – and sometimes this will mean stepping on some toes.

You’ll Always Extend The Olive Branch

Nobody likes someone who takes and takes, and takes some more. So that means successful marketers need to give of themselves as well. Social media has a lot to do with building partnerships and connecting with influencers. That can only be done with conversations and relationship building. Those that don’t just reach out when they need something will see much better results than those that only reach out for favors. So while getting involved in a Twitter Chat or introducing two people may not be exactly what you want out of the relationship, it will only help your marketing department in the future.

You’ll Yell From The Rooftops That Sales Come Secondary

We aren’t saying that you don’t want sales. The end goal is totally to bring customers through your bank or credit union doors. But millennials don’t want you to sell to them on social media, or anywhere for that matter. In fact, they pay to not have advertisements. They watch TV on Netflix or Hulu, and they ignore traditional advertising. They do however conduct research about products and services in nontraditional ways. They read blog posts and watch webinars. They trust recommendations and tune in to YouTube videos from influencers to help with decision making. In short, what this all means is, good marketers don’t use social media strictly to advertise.

You’re A Superb Storyteller

As humans we are programmed to love stories. That’s why the entertainment industry is so popular. The ability to create a story that people want to listen to is much harder than most people think. Bank marketers who become good storytellers (or hire good ones), will create content that’s fluid, that moves people, and in turn becomes effective.

Tell us! How many did you have? One, two…ten? Let us know in the comments below!