Have you ever seen a Vine video that left you completely amazed? Not only do the creators blow the viewers’ minds one video at a time, but they only have six seconds to do it.

While it’s one thing for general internet users to do it, can a brand do the same thing? Is it possible to get your whole marketing message through in such a short amount of time? Not only is it possible, it’s effective.

Studies have shown that viewers’ patience for advertisements lasts up to six seconds before they become annoyed. So why not get your marketing message across before your viewer becomes inpatient and tunes you out?

In order to have a successful short content, you need to deliver a powerful message while capturing your readers’ attention. Not sure where to start? These tips will help you deliver short messages that have a big impact and demand attention.

K.I.S.S. – Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.

You only have six seconds to get your message across, so you need to filter out all of the unnecessary jargon to ensure that one single message is the focus of your content. This will make your message powerful and help it be remembered.

Trying to include everything in a small timeframe will create confusion. Confusion regarding the message itself, confusion over who created it—confusion on everything. The last thing you want is to leave your viewer confused.

Make Sure It Has A Beginning, Middle, And End.

Video is a form of storytelling. Making a video in only a few short seconds doesn’t negate that there needs to be a beginning, middle, and end. Having a lack of plot leaves your viewer confused and your message unclear.

Stories allow viewers to feel connected to your content. If they feel connected, they are more likely to share it and, in turn, have positive feelings toward your brand.

Flaunt Your Brand

You only have a short amount of time, so make your brand the highlight of the content. Put your brand on display for the world to see.

An example of this is Lululemon’s video where a girl does yoga in all different locations (she even ends up outside Lululemon headquarters). While the location changes, the brand is the focus of the video.

Know Your Audience

Know you who are providing content for, what they find funny, what they find interesting, and what makes them tick. Harp on those ideas because they will give you the highest success rate.

If you try to speak to everyone in the same way, nobody will listen. However, if you know who you are talking to, you know exactly how they want to hear your message and what catches their attention.

For example, this German company used the World Cup to slam its marketing message home. The company knew exactly who it was talking to and exactly what its fans wanted to hear.

Be Bold And Make A Statement

Do something out of the box. With a short video, there is no time for explanation, so something done quickly with shock value leaves a lasting statement. Do something that sets you apart.

These tips will help you think small to make a big impact. While six seconds may not seem like a whole lot of time, it’s plenty. Small content that delivers a big message gets results.

Simplifying your content and tossing out the unnecessary jargon allows your viewers to focus on one thing— your message. When that message is short and easy to understand, viewers will relate to your brand as a whole. Viewers will feel like they have a bond with you.

What is some small content with big messages that your FI has already carried out or plans to carry out? Let us know in the comments below!