Have you ever created an image, posted it to your social media, and then watched absolutely nothing happen? You hit refresh on your browser window over and over again, hoping something will change. To your dismay, it remains untouched. So what are we doing wrong? Why don’t people want to share our visual content? There are a few mistakes that every marketer is guilty of…

No Call-To-Action

It’s not only about creating images that are eye-catching, but it is also about putting the content in motion. Once an image is created, it is important to make sure it tells your audience what to do with it.

On the flip side, your image could have too many call-to-actions. This can be confusing for many customers, and somewhat overwhelming. If they become overwhelmed about what they are being asked to do, they will simply ignore it altogether.


One size doesn’t fit all. Each social media platform has different constraints when it comes to image formatting. Therefore, simply using the same image across all platforms does not work. While it may be convenient, it will cause images to be cropped incorrectly and appear distorted.

Too Busy

Sometimes we have a lot to say, but that is no reason to cram it all onto one image. For example, perhaps you have an event coming up and create an image to raise awareness for it. While initially you might want to include the date, time, place, who will be there, who it’s sponsored by, etc. Slow your roll. Include a simple image that directs you to another page with a full breakdown.

The image will see greater interaction because it allows people to focus on the image, rather than all chaos around it.

Doesn’t Represent Your Brand

The images you create should say something about who your bank is. This can be more challenging than it seems. It’s easy to fall in love with an image, without paying attention to whether or not it fits into your branding. To avoid this, lead with your brand, and the image should fall into place.

Just remember that anything you post to social media is an extension of your brand. Facebook and Twitter are merely distribution channels to allow your customers to interact with your brand. So make sure your images reflect your bank.

A great tool to make sure your images remain consistent is Canva. It has endless templates that can be saved and duplicated to streamline all your images.

Do some of these mistakes look familiar? It happens to the best of us. Social media is new to many banks and financial institutions, and therefore mistakes will be made.

Next time you’re looking for an image to post ask yourself, is it eye-catching? Does it tell my audience how to share it? Does it look right? Is it simple? Does it represent my bank?

Show us some of the images you’ve created for your bank. We’d love to see your banks personality shine through!