When creating an online content strategy, as a marketer, you focus on providing free content that is useful to the reader. It enables readers to solve problems and view you as a valuable resource for information, inspiration, and entertainment.

However, these online strategies attract people to your online presence rather than your bank’s brick-and-mortar locations. The fact that fewer and fewer people are walking through your bank doors has become a huge problem. That being said, content that is created outside in the online world, can attract consumers into your locations and set up potential sales opportunities.

For example, JCrew has seen a lot of success on Pinterest. Due to its success, its Pinterest page has become a resource for fans to see outfit ideas, post their own creations, and research new styles. While Pinterest may set up the opportunity for the click of a button to make a sale, it doesn’t exactly facilitate consumers coming into retail locations.

JCrew decided to change this.

The company set up events in stores where fans could come in and use the products to showcase the outfits they’d like to put together. The fans were invited to come in, choose clothes, and show off the outfits through social media. This increased the number of people coming into stores, and in turn, sales began to increase as well. (It’s hard to resist that beautiful new sweater when you’re wearing it in the store.) These events also helped fuel online sales growth, because the events provided content for JCrew’s Pinterest account that, inspired online users.

As a marketer for a bank, you might be thinking, “How does this work for me? I don’t sell shiny new things.”

That’s true! But you can create experiences that are useful to your consumers. Perhaps your bank has ties to several local charities. Consider hosting events where customers can come in and interact with charities within your community. Not only will the charities appreciate the exposure, but consumers will love an experience that feels rewarding. Also, people who come to the event will potentially bring friends, who’ll provide new opportunities to convert customers.

Maybe your bank does a lot of work with small businesses in your community. Invite someone from a restaurant in your town to come in and provide some snacks to your customers. Customers will come in and stay in your branch longer than anticipated. After multiple events, they might be more inclined to come inside because they know something fun awaits them.

There are endless opportunities to create events and experiences that your consumers will love. You can encourage your customers at the events to check-in or write a review of the event online. This will tie in your social media strategy and promote your event even further. Customers will fall in love, and once they love the experience, they are going to love your bank. Once customers love something, it is very hard to change their minds.

So while online content may increase your ROI on its own, banks are still concerned about branch traffic. But content can save them. The experience of an event is what brings your customers in, and makes them fall more in love with you. J.Crew created content that not only attracted customers to their stores, but also created content for their social media platforms. Your bank can do the same. If you are able to combine your online efforts with brick-and-mortar events, the bank’s traffic will begin to increase.

People visit places because of the content and the value that the content brings them. Currently people want to work with their bank online because it’s convenient. That is the value that online banking brings.

However, if you can create value for walking in your doors, you’ll begin to see them swing open more and more often.