Social media alone, will not completely fix tarnished reputations. Setting up an Instagram and showing how much fun your employees are having, or sending out a Tweet when a branch is going to be closed will not send people flooding through your branch doors immediately. While it may be a way to showcase the “fun” and promote your brand, it will not make all reputation problems disappear.

Think Of It This Way

Do you remember when Dorothy and the gang got to the great and powerful Oz? Their excitement came to a startling halt once they realized he wasn’t who he said he was. They’d had the wool pulled over their eyes, and they weren’t happy about it.

The same scenario will play out within your financial institution if the bank customer experiences one thing online and an entirely different experience in-person – and no amount of Tweeting can fix that.

However, what social media can do, is open your eyes to the key parts of your business that need help.

Whether your bank or credit union is on social media or not, people are talking. Sometimes they will recommend you, and other times they’ll be saying things you don’t want to hear. But it’s the things you don’t want to hear, that can help your organization grow the most. If large amounts of people are saying the same things about your services, chances are there is some work that needs to be done in that department.

The problems that these Tweets may uncover cannot be corrected by only sending out more Tweets. Social media won’t fix them.

Setting An Internal Plan Will.

  1. Set up a quality response plan.

  2. Hire responsible and respectful people to respond to and resolve issues.

  3. Enforce a consistent message of putting the customer first.

  4. Fix the problem internally and do damage control externally.

Besides, it’s the year of the customer. They want everything and they want it now.

Focus on problems from the inside out and social media will simply help amplify the good qualities of your organization. Not making any changes, and relying on social media to create a story for your brand will get quickly shut down when a customer walks into your branch.

They’ll feel like Dorothy arriving at the Emerald City…and no bank or credit union wants that. Do you agree?