This is a question you should ask yourself about the memes you’re sharing on social media today.  Does your visual content affect your audience with emotion, laughter, thought, or inspiration?  If not, then your visual content is likely not good enough to engage your audience and get them excited about your brand.

Your fans and followers want to know that you’re human…that you know how to laugh (when appropriate), and inspire them to be their best.  Some sites we’ve found for visual content include: Pinterest, Canva, Food Blogs ( and, Travel sites ( and, Bigstock Photo, and Google image search.

Humorous photos can obtain excellent engagement in social media, and often go viral.  Like this one…a pet selfie!  We would recommend adding a caption to further engage your audience with a Call to Action (CTA) like “We’re enjoying a lazy Sunday, how about you?  Share with us a selfie of your favorite weekend adventure.”.