Tuesday, September 27, 2016 /#BankSocial/ – This powerful, yet simple session by Meredith Olmstead – Inbound Marketing Consultant & Founding Partner of Social Stairway, and Tony Battista – VP of Marketing at St. Mary’s Credit Union, in a few very important words can be summed up by the following thoughts. As credit unions/banks go, there is a critical component of your marketing initiatives which aren’t addressed if you aren’t effectively implementing a social media strategy. Meredith, summed it up in 3 steps – you need to connect, engage, and convert current/potential clients in order to create new customer relationships or nurture current ones. She exposed most banks/credit unions that focus heavily on traditional marketing without having a  fully integrated social media strategy, ignore the engage aspect of having an effective marketing strategy today. More over, sales, marketing, and compliance need full integration/communication, we hear this point everyday, yet, she explained it like this. Consumers don’t communicate in silos – they either call, email, tweet or write letters – and they don’t understand how companies can operate if their particular scenario isn’t cohesive throughout every channel and to every person. Call centers, CSR’S, branches, and loan officers all need access to the same system – needing to be well informed and easy access to the same information.  Tony Battista confirmed that this is vital, revealing that St Mary’s Credit Union’s progressively thinking upper management has this thought process engrained into their culture.

They both discussed the importance of identifying buyer personas and building content marketing strategies just for them. If your not solving their problems with great content and a useful delivery method in their lives, you don’t exist and if some other form of banking help/service does, you’re toast. Tony offered up an amazing revelation, their marketing/advertising mix was 70% traditional, 30% digital a few years back. Today, it’s flipped to 70% digital and they are gaining significant results from it. (see image below)

It was a terrific very well delivered session and I couldn’t be more proud to have it be a part of the #CaseStudySummit by #BankSocial!


St. Mary's Credit Union - Social Stairway Recent Results


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