Malauzai provides mobile and Internet banking solutions to community financial institutions

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Malauzai was formed in 2009 to participate in the mobile banking revolution. Today, we build a suite of mobile and online banking solutions for community banks and credit unions. Our products are designed to create an exceptional and consistent experience across channels and are available to support your entire financial institution, from consumers, businesses to employees.

What makes us unique is our core vision and mission. Our goal is to arm community financial institutions with innovative technology and services to compete and win in the digital space. How do we do it? Our people. Our team is always growing. We are dedicated and passionate about delighting our customers and have the most experienced developers, designers, engineers and senior leaders in the industry. As a company built on deep industry knowledge, our strong partnerships and experienced board enables us to go fast and scale our business to grow with you.

We believe that success is based on a simple formula: delighted customers and members become more satisfied, buy more products, and refer more business.


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What should my bank do?

4:00PM – 5:00PM EST

Omni channel, universal tellers, digital, mobile and AI. So many things bankers have to get right today. It can be overwhelming. On this panel of experts banks and credit unions can access them on a very integrated approach. To hire each one of these experts separately to answer your questions would cost a lot more than your conference ticket. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your most burning questions answered.

Speakers: Anthony Burnett Meredith Deen Sarah Bacehowski Robb Gaynor Moderator: Shelly Loftin

The Total Customer Experience

11:30PM – 12:30PM EST

It’s all about the X-factor which is the new Omni-Channel. Mobile, AI, Voice shopping are all quickly becoming integral pieces of people’s daily lives. Brands like Amazon, Wal-Mart and Apple are not only redefining a particular customer’s experience, they’re turning it on its head, forever changing consumers minimum expectations. This makes it very hard for ay financial institution to create an experience that keeps them relevant today. In this panel of UX experts, they will shine a light and provide real clarity in what it’ll take for a bank or a credit union to be relevant in today’s hyper connected and easily accessed digital environment. UX is the foundation of how banks and credit unions can stay relevant in digital today.

Panelists: Jeff Marshall, Danny Piangerelli,Joanna Belbey, Moderator: Keith Costello

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