Video is one of the best ways to connect with your audience.

There’s a reason we’ve talked so much about how to master video on the ARCH blog! It’s a step that so many businesses hesitate to make (after all, putting yourself out there on video can be scary!) – yet, if you truly want your business to reach its potential, it is a medium you must adopt.

And a growing form of video is vlogging. You’ve probably seen or heard of vlogs before – maybe you’ve even considered starting one but just haven’t gotten around to it.

A vlog is more or less a video version of a blog. With it, you can show your own life and personality, and also provide valuable educational (and entertaining) content to your viewers.

Why You Should Start a Vlog in 2017

You Learn to Tell Better Stories

Storytelling allows you to create compelling content and build a stronger relationship with your audience. Whether you’re creating powerful story-based emails or filming a compelling story on Snapchat – stories will draw your audience in. And as you film more video – and vlogs specifically – your storytelling ability will get stronger.

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