Thursday, October 13, 2016 / #CaseStudySummit / – I was very impressed by this humbling and extremely well delivered session. In all honesty, I don’t believe my wrap up could do it any justice, it’s just one of those moments you need to see to understand – but I will try my best to give a summary that could possibly shadow the essence of what was shared and in the way that it was shared.

This was a terrific session by Holly Fearing – Social Media Advisor at Filene Research Institute and Robin Marohn – VP of Marketing and Business Development from Heartland Credit Union, and it was warmly genuine at the same time.

First, there were a lot of gems shared, many of which were fundamental and extremely important. In order to be effective in social media you need intuition + analytics,  which over time = knowledge. This is the one principle the best social media/digital marketers stick to and understand. You can’t have too much of either, yet balance and the right kind of work experience are required. Next, there was a great story shared as a powerful learning experience – Holly Fearing from Filene shared their learning journey, detailing that they didn’t have much experience with social media. They essentially learned by the process of trial and error as they expanded and developed their social media efforts – it “is” a great journey they’re still going through. Robin Marohn shared his similar journey, which he too is also currently experiencing at Heartland Credit Union.

A final, yet wonderful gem was shared by Holly – her experiences allowed her to transition from grasping new marketing concepts and changes to understanding the core value of social media marketing, which isn’t creating one message for all – it is one-to-one messages and connecting with people that truly makes the difference for your brand in the long run. She shared some of her major social media successes, ones in which people found content via social media but shared it via offline through word-of-mouth, and of course she only got to know this information by asking people how they learned of the event they were all partaking in at that moment. This is the essence of really good content, and not to use a typical buzzword – but it gets “people” to find it so useful that they do something with it. Now whatever that “something” or that “it” is, it happens because another human found “it” important enough to act upon.

Of course Holly Fearing and Robin Marohn shared their best practices and analytics – including how they’ll be using webinars to inform and to measure. I’m assuming they’re a fan of Jay Baer, since much of what they shared is what he’ll be sharing at #BankSocial 2017 this upcoming April in Miami, Florida.

It was truly terrific and the time literally flew by. When it was all said and done, I looked at my watch and said “s%#t it’s 2:00 PM already?”

The gist of it all and my take away – if you really know your stuff (as they did) and you know how to tell stories and connect with human beings you can make a significant connection with your audience whether people read your words, hear your voice or see your video live and on-demand.

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