We’re sure many of you are stressed out about getting everything ready for the upcoming holiday. (We sure are.)

But having said that, Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks, spending time with family, and eating tons of food. With that, each year a group of people sit down around a large table, to do just that.

Here are five people you can expect to find sitting around that table. Read on, and figure out who your bank might be.

The Uncle that Never Shows Up

If you come from a large family, you’ll totally relate to what we are about to say. Most of us have that relative (uncle or not), who never shows up. But what happens when they don’t? Everyone sits around and talks about them without their knowledge. The Thanksgiving table is the party, and the uncle is nowhere to be found.

Well, social media is the party, and many banks are nowhere to be found. Just because you aren’t showing up to this new world, doesn’t mean people aren’t talking about you. In fact, many conversations are probably going on without your knowledge.

Making sure you show up to the party enables you to monitor what is being said and interact with the people that care about you. If you are able to monitor what is being said about your bank on social media, you have a chance to make changes to improve your organization.

The Grandmother Who Makes You Eat Everything on Your Plate

No matter how full you are, it always seems as though Grandma is trying to feed you another plateful. How can you turn down another slice of her famous pie? Well, because you’ve had enough.

Likewise, banks that shove their product down clients throats, leave their customers full and disinterested. It’s not to say your product isn’t amazing (Grandma’s apple pie sure is), but rather that consumers today want to consume products on their own time.

It’s important to cater your content so that it has value and is entertaining. This will allow your audience to tune in and want to interact with your content. It shouldn’t push your products or services, but rather educate and inform your reader and position yourself as an expert. In doing so, a level of trust will be built and they will come to you when making a purchasing decision.

The Adult Who Still Has to Sit at The Kid Table

There was a time when this person was a child and was deserving of the kids table. However, they might now have graduated college, gotten engaged, or even have children of their own. Yet, they’re still forced to sit at the table separate from the adults. The elders in the family have a mindset of what the family dynamics look like, and thats the way they are going to stay – no matter how much time has passed.

This is just like the bank that refuses to put themselves on social media. They have a traditional mindset of what the banking experience should look like, and no matter how much things have changed, they are unwilling to alter their structure.

This may not be because the bank wants to stay at the kids table, but rather that executives see no value in the use of social media. That being said, it is up to individuals at the company to show it’s value and convince them that social media is a new way of marketing that can have long-term benefits to the bank.

The Couple That Always Leaves Early

There’s always that couple that shows up, eats dinner, and leaves as soon as possible. But they miss all the good stuff. They miss the football games, the siblings bickering over cleaning up, the board games, and the fantastic post-meal nap. While they went through the motions of dinner, they miss out on all the good stuff.

This is the bank that gives up on social media before all the benefits come into fruition. You create some posts, see a little interaction, but then leave before all the good things start. Having a successful social media strategy takes time. If you stick around for the whole show, you’ll get to see all the great things that can happen.

This is where patience comes in. Social media takes time, and therefore it’s important not to give up. While initially you may see little interaction, with continuous effort you will begin to see positive results. People don’t fall in love quickly, but once they do, it’s very difficult to get them to leave.

The Out of Control Four Year Old

You can’t blame the child. They’ve been stuck in a house all day with a bunch of adults. They’ve been loaded full of sugary foods, and are expected to sit at a table for hours on end. They’re going to get a little stir crazy. They’ll run around looking for someone to play with, act out at the table, and then won’t be able to sit still after eating all those cookies and treats.

This is the bank that is excited for social media, but establishes no real strategy. They post things in with the intention of getting interaction and to entertain, but their tactics aren’t well thought out and don’t accomplish what they hope for.

This is where it is important to have a strategy. Your bank needs to make sure that every piece of content they publish has a purpose. The call to actions should be clear and easy to follow. This enables people to share and interact with your content easily and quickly.

We all know someone who fits the description of these individuals. We also probably have our own characters that show up.

Either way, understanding what your bank brings (or doesn’t bring) to the social media landscape is important. It’ll allow you to adapt and grow so that maybe some day, you can have that perfect “Leave it to Beaver” dinner table.

Let us know who’s sitting at your table in the comments below!