When walking into a board room, a bank marketer might feel bombarded with questions about social media. How do we measure ROI? How much time are you dedicating to it? What social media channels are we going to use? When can we start advertising products and services? What results are we seeing?

While these are all important questions, there’s one question bank marketers need to ask themselves in order to see social media success.

They absolutely have got to ask themselves…..Would anyone miss our content?

Imagine if you were able to take every digital piece of content ever created at your bank and delete it. Forever. Would people care? If the answer is no, you are doing something wrong.

Instead, your bank needs to be creating content that consumers crave. It needs to be like candy – sticky, addictive, and attractive.

So, how does a bank create content that consumers crave?

First take a look at what you’ve currently created, and see if it fits one of these typical problems:

  1. It only covers dull or boring topics that people don’t want to read.

  2. It isn’t specific enough.

  3. It doesn’t follow through with the promise of answered questions.

  4. It isn’t easy for people to consume.

  5. It focuses too strongly on a sales message.

If it does, don’t panic. All can be fixed. In order to do so, we suggest bank marketers start looking at brands you love and their social media use, (both inside and outside the banking industry.) Figure out what they are posting and focusing on that draws you back time and again. Do you like their headlines? Do you like their tone of voice? Do you like the branding and design they use? Do you like their photography and images?

What makes you love them?

For example, one of our marketers loves the brand Athleta. Her favorite thing is their use of images on Instagram. She loves that they are adventurous, inspiring, and are taken on everyday fit women that use the brand. It’s content that if it went missing from her life, she would be upset.

Notice how she wouldn’t miss a sales pitch post. She wouldn’t miss a promotional post. Those things aren’t what make her love the brands content, but are merely added perks! So, if banks are using social media solely for promotional purposes, if they stopped, chances are nobody would care. Banks need to focus on the addictive nature that social media content has given the world, and figure out how to create content that fits into the lives of their customers.

As it stands today, your bank may be able to stop your social media efforts and not be missed. But let’s not make that the case in the future. Instead, invest in content that would.