Tuesday, September 27, 2016 / #CaseStudySummit / – Every bank and credit union marketer understands the importance of capturing and engaging with the new generation of customers, but, it’s how you do it that makes the biggest difference. This panel moderated by Shawn Ketchem – Producer at BYM Agency, along with panelists: Karrie Drobnick – CMO from Verve, a Credit Union, Bryce Roth – President & Cofounder of ChatterYak!, and JD Scroggin – Social Media Officer at CoastHills Credit Union shared the subtle yet important nuances of attracting Generation Y. Any bank or credit union that doesn’t understand these nuances risk not having a seat at the table of attracting this new client generation or worse – looking like an out dated institution that is trying to look hip and cool, but isn’t at all.

One of the most valuable ideas mentioned was that “Millennial” isn’t just an age range, it’s also a mentality. And that mentality encompasses everyone today, whether they’re 21 years old or 70. So, by updating your content and technology strategies across all platforms you’ll not only attract younger customers, but you’ll also deepen relationships with current clients as well!

They shared some amazing ideas, like shooting a t-shirts from a cannon with their Financial Institutions upcoming community events printed on each shirt and customer of the month contest via social media. They also discussed not only what they’re doing content wise within their digital footprint, but how they evaluate channels and tactics within them as well. It was truly a very insightful panel that although was scheduled for 60 minutes, it certainly could have gone on for hours with these institutions powerful #CaseStudySummit stories!

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